What is OLBG?

OLBG is a community and guide to help you with your online betting. 
We are not a bookmaker, but we do link to lots of different bookmakers and other betting content. 
The main aim of OLBG is to help you find interesting events to gamble on, and then to provide useful information about that event such as the best odds, some tips and what sort of bets can be made.

How We Work?

1. OLBG is an entirely free site that costs a lot of money to run let a lone give out free prizes. 
2. In order to do this we need to be very efficient about dealing with enquiries meaning we really cant afford to spend time answering simple questions that are answered on the site.
3. The OLBG philosophy is to try to spend as much of our time and money on improving the site and its features so your assistance with this would be appreciated :)

How Can I support OLBG?

OLBG is a free site making its money from bookmaker advertising. You can help us in three ways:
1. Help us keep costs down by only asking us questions when you really need to and you're sure its not answered in the help sections. 
2. Using the links on OLBG when you open accounts with bookmakers as often that is how we make our money.
3. Share useful information with others through tips and the forum to help everyone enjoy their betting more
4. Tell your friends about OLBG. 
5. Use the social sharing buttons to share content you think would be useful to your friends,family and followers on social media. (Twitter, Facebook, Google etc

Why So Many Errors?

Our approach is to keep the site improving as rapidly as possible. You might say the whole site is in test in some ways as we are always tweaking stuff. This means that there will be errors from time to time but they'll often be fixed a minute or so later. 
Also we tend not to bother with proof reading etc preferring to spend that time on developing tools. If we had to check and double check everything we wouldnt have launched the tipster competition yet! However if you do spot any errors and they dont disappear within an hour then please let us know.

Can I advertise on OLBG?

We are happy to discuss "media buys" on the home page and other key places on the forum - please use the contact form.

Do you have any Jobs?

If you are interested in working for OLBG then please check The Invendium Website