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If you are looking for EFL betting tips, one of the easiest predictions, in many cases, will simply be to bet on the head to head match winner. Select the team you think has the best chance of winning the game and decide if the odds are to your liking. If they are, then this is your bet. if your prediction is correct, you win. Simple


If you're adept at spotting value in bookmakers odds, then the line bet for AFL might be your go to punt. Betting between $1.95 and $1.87 is most popular and any range here is fine if you believe you are gaining value in the price. Value simply being if you think the bookmaker has provided odds that are bigger than they should be. It is worth having more than one, and preferably multiple online bookmaker accounts, so you can check, which bookmaker is offering which lines about the games you want to bet on, a difference of around 4% in your betting bank can mean the difference between long term profit and loss. How many of these bookmaker accounts do you have? 


The Tribet is a 3-way market set up with punters having the choice between 
  • Team X over 15.5 points
  • Team Y over 15.5 points
  • Either team under 15.5 points
Surprisingly, despite this bet being worse value than the two previously mentioned bets,  it is actually the more popular AFL prediction bet type. Punters will often back the either team under 15.5 points option in matches they believe to be a close contest but cannot decide on which team to back. Under in generally the better of the bets as a punter will most often want to bet on something happening in a match rather than betting on nothing to happen. If there is value to be found in this bet, it would be most often on the Under side.

Half Time - Full Time

Betting on the double of which team will lead at half time and then full time is a reasonably common bet type and often used by punters who want to bump up the price of the favourite especially if the favourite is a very short price. Whilst when this bet comes off, it can provide the punter with bragging rights about getting a bigger price for the win, it is fraught with danger. The bookies love this bet. To gain the win, the team only needs to be in front at the end of the game, in this bet, they have to be in front at both the half way stage and the end. 

Margin (1-39 & 40+):

An increasingly popular AFL betting tip from expert tipsters is where punters can elect to bet on a team to win by 1-39 points or by 40+. Other ranges of winning margins are offered too. We wont often provide AFL betting tips on this market unless we are completely convinced we have found value in the range.

For a more in depth look at these bets and more and analysis of the value elements, take a look at this article which highlights which are the best and worst bets to make on AFL, by value.

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