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Mishani El Lobo

Lismore (AUS)Sep 20, 2018, 3:10 PMWin

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returns at a stake of 50.00 AUD
180.00 AUD BET NOW
175.00 AUD BET NOW

Multi Bet of the Day

Playing three selections in a full perm.

The bet consists of seven bets, 

3 x singles - 3 x Doubles - 1 x Triple


Mishani El Lobo

Lismore (AUS)Sep 20, 2018, 3:10 PMWin



Sale (AUS)Sep 20, 2018, 12:55 PMWin


His Kingdom

Hawkesbury (AUS)Sep 20, 2018, 1:00 PMWin

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returns at a stake of 35.00 AUD
1051.00 AUD BET NOW
985.00 AUD BET NOW






Best Horse Racing Tips

There are literally hundreds of ways of betting on Australian horseracing today. Here, we provide a betting guide for both those new to betting on horseracing to those who are adept and predicting the horse results for Australian Horse Racing. 

Betting to WIN on Horse racing

The easiest and most simple way of betting on Australian horseracing, when you have chosen your best bet for the race you are betting on, a WIN bet is just that' betting on the horse you think will win the race today. If it wins, you collect based on the price of the horse you bet on, if it doesn't win the race, you lose your stake. many people employ a staking plan when betting win only on horses, but for a good guide to how adept you are at picking winners, try to stick to level stakes betting. That is regardless of the price, you are betting the same stake each time. You should also record your bets and keep a betting profit and loss record. This will help you identify what type of horse races you are best at predicting. It is essential to record level stakes in this way but you can also keep records of varying stakes if you wish

Place Betting

Betting a horse to place. It is virtually the same as a win bet in that it is a single bet, but in this case, you are betting on your horse finishing either 1st, 2nd or 3rd and will win should it do so. Again if it does not show in the places you lose your bet stake. 
To win a Place bet, your selected bet just has to finish either 1st, 2nd or 3rd so long as there are at least 8 runners in the field today. If there are less than 8 runners in a field there will be no third dividend paid, meaning your selection will have to finish either 1st or 2nd to be a winning bet.

Each Way

Each Way betting is both of the above bets. Often mistakenly thought of as a single bet, Each Way is in fact 2 bets in one. !. A win bet, 2 An Each Way bet. Apply the win and place rules above for each side of the bet and you can't go wrong. If the horse wins, you win both the win and place bets, if it does not win but finishes in a place, you will lose your win stake but get a return on the place bet. If it does not finish in a place, you lose both bets. It is typically used as a bit of betting insurance for punters wanting to back a horse but still get something back if it just misses out and runs in the placings.

Exotic Bets

In the next section we will run through some of the “exotic” bet types in Australia, often referred to as "Exotics". These remain simple bet types that will require you to pick multiple horses to finish in the placings but might need a bit more explaining. They are typically bet types that have far greater dividends and give punters the chance to land a big collect for a small outlay.


The simplest of these Australian exotic bets to make on horse racing is the Quinella. It requires the punter to simply select the 2 runners who will finish 1st and 2nd in the race, in any order.


The Exacta bet in horseracing is very similar to the Quinella bet, The onus being on the Exact part, in that you must select the 1st and 2nd across the line in the correct order. The dividends are higher than the Quinella due to it being more difficult to select the runners in order.


The trifecta takes the Exacta and Quinella a step further by including a third selection. A Trifecta bet requires a punter to select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd horse across the line in the correct order. Punters can “box” their selections, a combination of the first three finishing positions, meaning they can finish in any order. This will cost more to place as you are betting many variations but does make the bet a little 'easier' to pick.
The Trifecta is one of the more popular exotic bet types as the dividends usually pay very well and give the punter a chance for a big collect. Good luck if you are trying the trifecta

First 4

Only for the very brave or serious horse racing punter, we start to get into the very tricky exotics now. A First 4 bet is very similar to a Trifecta, but instead of picking the first 3 across the line the punter must select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners to cross the line in correct order. Like the Trifecta you can box your runners to finish in any order but with even more different combinations to cover it can get quite expensive to cover them all. Some punters will “Flexi” bet these bigger exotics, meaning they will bet a certain amount and be given a smaller percentage of the dividend. Given that the dividends are very large with these bet types you can take a smaller percentage of the dividend and get a big payout.


Arguably the most popular of all the Australian exotics, the Quadrella bet (or Quaddie) requires the punter to select the winner of 4 nominated races at that meeting. This is both a good way for punters to try to land a big dividend and provide an interest in 4 races across the day. Punters will generally pick multiple runners per race and the bet cost will be all the different combinations per race multiplied together. For instance, you can choose 2 runners per race. To work out the cost of the bet, simply multiply the number of selections per race together to work out the number of bets and your stake - EG. 2 selections per race would be 2x2x2x2=16 so 16 bets, 16 x your stake.

Bonus bets